Friday, January 4, 2013

Let's give it up...

I love to see when my people are making big leaps in the intellectual world. It is especially inspiring to see the young brother below making headlines:

Self-taught Sierra Leone Teen Wows M.I.T.

15-Year-Old Kelvin Doe is an engineering whiz living in Sierra Leone who scours the trash bins for spare parts, which he uses to build batteries, generators and transmitters. Completely self-taught, Kelvin has created his own radio station where he broadcasts news and plays music under the moniker, DJ Focus. 

Kelvin became the youngest person in history to be invited to the “Visiting Practitioner’s Program” at MIT. THNKR had exclusive access to Kelvin and his life-changing journey - experiencing the US for the first time, exploring incredible opportunities, contending with homesickness, and mapping out his future. 

Check-out David’s Crowdrise page:

Photos courtesy of Adam Cohn ( and Paula Aguilera

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Innovate Africa.
This child has a beautiful mind. I hope that Sierra Leone can see past the obstacles and enhance this boys greatness.  This is what we need to support as a nation. Not leasing land for chicken feed to be exploited by Western and Asian conglomerates.  This is the future of Sierra Leone, not mining the people out of their land.
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This is not the usual type of post but I just had to make it known. As always, Stay Kemetic...


Thursday, November 22, 2012

European Holidays


I would like to start off by saying thank you to Brotha Muata for the thought provoking post regarding Blood Quantum. I would like to also make reference to a previous post regarding pyramids in the Grand Canyon as it seems to apply in this particular topic.

European Holidays are very interesting...

We need to better understand what the "Conqueror" is trying to pound in to our children's brains each year through tradition. Check out the knowledge below and feed your intellect:

As always, keep an open mind.

Hotep. Stay Kemetic.

Blood Quantum follow up

I want to clarify that I have the utmost respect for the real Family members who the government decided to use/identify as the only "Indians" or "Native Americans", understanding that history is not the only story. I understand that "their" goal was to dilute the True People's story so much that we could never really know the truth, and to steal the land in a self righteous manner.

During this time of year when "we" celebrate the destruction of the culture(s) and people(s) who were already here before "Europeans" came and discovered this land,  I think it is important to use your indwelling intelligence to answer a few "common sense" questions, to attempt to pay a little respect to the true first keepers of this land. Everyone here now should be a keeper of the land, but we know that most of us just rape the land like an invader. Therefore, we are still foreigners in that sense. Until we respect the land that is immediate to us and the planet as a whole, we do not deserve to be incarnate on it, no matter where we go.

Q 1: In order to define who "Native Americans" are or are not, don't we need to establish a baseline to identify who/where they came from before we can go any further?

Q 2: If we cannot establish who/where the "Native Americans" originate from then how can we identify who is not Native American with any certainty?

Q 3: Do you accept scientific explanations for who you are, from a racial perspective?

Q 4: What do the people generally accepted as being "Native American" say about the oneness of humanity?

Q 5: Regardless of if humanity is truly one or not, what is the purpose of race, other than to create division? Do other animal have races?

Q 6: Why do people who claim some type of indigenous or Native American status when checking a box on a job application or defending this in court have a tendency to prove the accusers case for them instead of leaving the burden of proof on the accuser if questioned about it?

Q 7: Why is it coincidental that the civil war broke out around the same time that original 13th Amendment was ratified? By the way Lincoln was assassinated around that same time, and a different 13 Amendment document was used going forward, instead of the one on record in New Hampshire and other "States" libraries. Somehow Virginia had no records of this after the war was over. Distractions work very well sometimes, and continue to do so. Oh, and the indigenous people had told the settlers that their Constitution was flawed from the get go and that they would be forever correcting it, because women were not included in government decision making, along with all of the other loopholes that allowed special interest groups to control it.

Q 8: Did some of the indigenous people of this land have a Constitution or agreement amongst themselves around the same time that European settlers came here and started establishing ways to govern settlers? Did they need a clause that referenced slavery?

Q 9: When did the Federal government get the authority to determine who was "Indian" or "Native American"? How does the government of a late/last comer trump that of the first and/or other people who were already here?

Q 10: Why are the similarities between the concepts of the Hopi bloodline and the  Dogon bloodline a fact even though "Africans" had not been here in the "Americas" prior to slavery, according to his-story?

Q 11: What does "America" mean? Please don't tell me it was the name of some European. Please explain what the name means.

Q 12: What other people on the planet are we using Blood Quantum tests to identify how indigenous to the land they are?

Q 13: How may Europeans in Europe have taken a Blood Quantum test to see if they belong to the land they claim? How many people that are not from Europe have gone to Europe to administer this test for them, after establishing the rules for them?

Q 14: How many corporations in Europe are owned by none Europeans versus the opposite?

Q 15: How many Europeans have had their environmental resources taken by invaders, and sent back to their homeland?

Q 16: Do people in South Africa take a Blood Quantum test? Australia, Hawaii, etc? Why not, if so?

Q 17: During the last Ice Age (Worm), do you think that sea levels dropped low enough for people to travel across the Atlantic or Pacific oceans via any means, since much of the water was trapped in ice form at that time? There is really only one ocean, but I used these words for identification and communication purposes.

Q 18: Where did the Atlantic  and Pacific oceans get their names from?

Q 19: What did the indigenous people here before Europeans call this land?

Q 20: If the first people to occupy any region of the Earth have no say so about how to identify themselves or how to use the natural resources of the land, then what good does it do to identify themselves to the last people to get there?

Interesting links: - As always keep your filter on

Native connections

Quetzalcoatl Image 

Isis in Central America

Images of two headed snake
Check the Index of Historical Documents link at the bottom of this link. It has some excellent documents on the purpose of those who give thanks for allowing them to take over this land called America by most.

Hotep, Sipala, Innaihtsi'iyi, Satta, Tlamatcanemiliztli, Mocehui, K'é, Hozo, Tecócat,

Monday, October 8, 2012

Blood Quantum - BS on top of BS


Lately, I have been checking all this talk about Blood Quantum testing. It's a test being used by the u.s. corporate fiction occupying the western hemisphere and beyond, to see how much indigenous blood a person has to be considered "Indian" or "Native American".

Those of use with too much melanin and kinky hair to be considered a G.I. (Government Issued) "Indian" don't really have a say so in this at all, and it appears that now even the G.I. "Indian" "tribes" are getting railroaded in the same way. If you have the science to do a blood test as such, then the mystery of where the "Native Americans" or "Indians" come from, should be solved and taught in all school systems globally. I think we already know why that has not happened.

We are talking about DNA, even though the name of the test may throw some off focus. With that said, I have always questioned the "Human Genome Project". The real deal with DNA studies is they want to know how original or how mutated you are. Then of course the categorization to perpetuate racism comes later.  It was predicted that we would be able to CURE all human diseases, prevent diseases, live longer, etc etc, because of mapping everything about "Human" DNA. I guess common sense is supposed to go out the window when a scientist or doctor makes a statement. Here is my question. If you have the whole human genetic sequence mapped out, how come we have not told every "race", nation, county, creed or whatever the story of the original people who first colonized the region of the Earth that they currently occupy? An example would be Iraq and Iran coming from the Dagbani and Dagnesh. Again, I think we know this answer. Like "Dr." Neely Fuller Jr. says, "The purpose of race is to receive a benefit". The benefit of not being a N..... All of our children who do know where they come from but subscribe to nationalism and other isms to identify their "Race" do this thinking they are being slick. I think as long as you are not associating them with the real originals they come from they are happy. But rattle their cage like the G.I. folks are receiving and then you get a big uproar. All of these "Races" don't have a problem until they are attacked blatantly as the G.I. folks are being done once again. It seems they all are missing the point that if you don't define/refine your own reality then you have no real power at all. With damn near everything in life around the planet currently, we are running to Europeans to get our definitions, or to be reminded of how they defined us in the first place. If they do change the meanings it is not refined, but is re-defined as in re-degraded. How did the people over here start following the rules and regulations of colonizers who are last to get here. Indigenous people around the world did not believe in owning land, but felt a responsibility to the land. So I can see them allowing others to come over when they understood it was not theirs to start with. But after seeing a lack of respect for the land they went to war with some of the late comers. It appears that they lost due to various reasons, but maybe we need to refine our thinking on that as well.

A bigger question is when will people listen to Rodney King. After getting beat down by Corporate Policy Enforcement Clones, he still said, "Can we all just get along". Regardless if he was coursed in to saying that or not, it is still what we need to look at; although it is not easy and you may have to shed blood to get to that point. What ever powers that be you know of or believe in, they must be looking at us waiting for us to figure this out. If rats in a maze can find peace within themselves and stop fighting one another then the powers that be have to respect that in my opinion.

Honestly I think there has been some genetic experimentation going on. I am not saying who it was that did it, because I can't prove it; however Humans, Hue-mans and the rest of the "People" should see that we are the only thing on the planet that does not really belong here, just by observing the rest of nature. Which is why we keep looking for a higher power that can explain some of this "STUFF".

Getting back to the one particular strain of the family that was identified as "Native American" or "Indian", you can look at their features and tell where they come from. Check the picture of Jackie Chan and Sitting Bull below.

Do you see any resemblance?

We know that people in "Asia" are from the Tsang and other peeps from the Motherland. Check Hidden Colors if you have not already.

Below are a couple more pics as food for thought. FYI they both are from the Motherland.

If we are going to follow rules then we may as well us better ones that many people did agree upon for reasons of peace. Some how this was usurped. I know it is what they said is the first thought that comes to mind. The question is, is it what "we" said? Another point is, we are living under rules right now regardless of where you go on the planet. Why not use this knowledge as power? The law of reciprocation is real within the Creative Matrix ( I am tired of the negative connotation based on the Matrix movie). The creator(s) did it what ever you want to call it. So respect it and it will respect you. We cannot send negative energy in to the universe and expect it not to come back. I am speaking on a global scale. As individuals we do what we must. Again that is the point - not enough of us are on the same page. If enough of us do get on the same page of Peace, we can make it a reality instead of a fantasy.

Of course there is the alternative to continue to shed blood thinking that these children that are in control are not ours. As a wise Women once said "You have to heal it before you can kill it". If anyone knows that Sistahs name, please post it, so we can give her due props. Sometimes it does make sense to fight fire with fire, and other times it does not.

Below are some links with more information on the Blood Quantum BS, Chief War Horse of the Chata Nation, the Real First "Black" Presidents, the original 13th Amendment and last but not least Ascension techniques.
Blood Quantum BS  - Chief War Horse
Original ratified 13th Amendment
 Original Black Presidents 
** Ascension Mechanics - clip 2 explains some Blood science, but I recommend watching all of them  - KEEP YOUR FILTER ON, AS ALWAYS.

We here a StayKemetic understand that you must continue to evolve and not stay stagnant. So please don't take the name out of context. We give it up to Kush, the Happy Valley, other indigenous cultures, and beyond what we think we know. We come from a Kemetic perspective that we have chosen to gravitate toward for the purpose of self identification, culture, and spiritual awareness, as it is truly needed for so many folk who have had their legacy stolen by children on a F..... up frequency. So don't stay anything that does not work to enrich your life, as life cannot be contained in a definition from any source. Continue to grow and prosper, so that maybe one day you can add to what the ancients knew.

Hotep and Sutep,

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hidden Colors 2

Hidden Colors is back with a Part 2!

I'm really looking forward to the new interviews and gems of information that will be presented in this great documentary.

Take everything you hear or see with a grain of salt. Hotep. StayKemetic...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Going within Consciousness

Greetings in any other indigenous tongues as well. 
I wanted to share my insperience with those who may have been checking this blog but had not seen any new content lately. We are having a human experience that occupies much of our creative energy; therefore we get caught up just like others do while reflecting to this realm.
 I have been taking Moringa for several months now. Since starting this regiment, I have had multiple lucid dreams every night. It seemed that it had been months even years in between having lucid dreams that I could re-member after "awaking" from "sleep". I must give props to Djehuty Maat-Ra for sharing this information and providing excellent products at 
The difference about my latest lucid dream that I am speaking of is that I took control of it. In my dream I was back in the Bay Area of California, on the coast with my Wife. We were in a dune buggy type vehicle, riding on the coastal sands. She became afraid of the waves that kept getting larger and more violent. Somehow I realized that I was "dreaming" and  at that moment I knew that I could control the outcome, and decided to use a technique that I use when I am in a "woke" state of being. So, I vibrated the inner parts of my brain (which I believe stimulates my Pineal gland) and the waves in the ocean calmed down to mimic a gentle lake. As far as the ability to vibrate your Pineal gland or if it can be explained as something else, I would not debate that with anyone. When I do this, I hear a vibration inside my head, that sounds like an earthquake is centered near my Pineal gland. I often do this in a "woke" state of being when I hear that ringing sound that some say is a DNA frequency upgrade, but others say could be your enemy broadcasting a "negative" frequency to keep you from upgrading. I also do this to block out people in my zone who are talking nonsense, instead of getting belligerent with them, or when dealing with devils.

Bottom line, I have insperienced and experienced that Moringa provides the missing elements to take control of your mind, body, and soul while here in "The Matrix". I am sure the Black Seed oil in tandem, is providing some of these results as well.
I will leave you all with a question. What is "The Matrix" except for an elaborate system of how to make this plane of existence appear to be real? If this Matrix is an illusion, does that mean that the dream state is our actual being that reflects in to the Matrix? Either way, I feel that we need anything such as Moringa to help us to take control as I did, and do as above, down below. Please share your dreams, experience, and insperience with us.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012



It has been a very long time since I last posted and you could say that I have recently woken up from a nap, so to speak. I have to admit that I have been preoccupied with the 'Matrix' lately and have lost focus as a result. Even though you have to play the game, you still have to stay focused and 'awake' or you end up a sheep going through the motions of this "Life". It has been a very interesting year, to say the least, and there is so much to meditate on for the coming days.

Moving forward.

I would like to start off this next series of posts with Moringa.

"And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen any more.

                                                                                                                        Ezekiel 34:29"

Yeah that was a Bible reference. "Religion" uses the Bible(and other ancient writings) for it's own agenda and, as a result, stunts the growth of our spiritual essence as human beings. The Bible, in fact, holds countless gems of information that were passed from the original writings from the ancestors. I will be writing another post that will elaborate on this and hopefully open up a new dimension of perspective. It seems to me that the quote above seems to describe this plant pretty accurately.


One of the most nutritious plants (on land) for human consumption. By comparison, seaweed would be the underwater equivalent to this miraculous plant. Below are examples of the benefits you can hope to gain from this "plant of renown".

Nutrients   Common food   Moringa Leaves
Vitamin A   Carrot 1.8 mg 6.8 mg
Calcium   Milk 120 mg 440 mg
Potassium   Banana 88 mg 259 mg
Protein   Yogurt 3.1 g 6.7 g
Vitamin C   Orange 30 mg 220 mg

Here is a video from Discovery Channel that elaborates on this particular plant and it's many benefits:

Bottom line - this stuff is amazing!! You get almost all of the nutrients you need from one plant. Needless to say, I have ordered 2 trees of my own and will be (hopefully) growing and harvesting my own Moringa leaves, seeds, and oil for my family. Also, I recently ordered Moringa powder and it has shown a significant improvement in energy and well being. I feel alert in the mornings and my dreams are now vivid more often than not.

These days, its almost impossible to escape poison that is forced on us (sneaky) on a daily basis but, in the meantime, we can at least do what we can to become more alert and provide our bodies with the nutrition needed to act as a sort of shield against it.  

Hotep. Stay Kemetic.