Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Black Roman Emperors... (yeah you read it right!)

Maybe I'm late? Maybe I was asleep during ancient history class back in school? ....I can bet that they made no mention of BLACK roman emperors in the history books ... I seem to remember a lot about Julius Caesar, Augustus, "Constantine the Great"(a lot more about this guy in a later post) and various others but I never heard mention of "The Severan Dynasty". They don't even talk about this stuff during Black History Month?!??!:

"It was Bob Marley who sang that “2000 years of history could not be wiped away so easily.”
 Lucius Septimius Bassianus (April 4, 188 – April 8, 217), commonly known as Caracalla, was a Black Roman Emperor who ruled from 211 to 217.

Caracalla was the eldest son of Septimius Severus, the first black African-born Emperor of Rome. But before Septimius Severus, there had been other Roman-born black Emperors of Rome. This story of the other black emperors of Rome will be explored in another write-up, but for now we focus on Caracalla."
Via: Africa Resource

This is just one article out of many written by Oguejiofo Annu. A simple google search of his name will uncover many other articles packed with valuable information.

Honestly, if we were to compile all the information about real history, it would be a whole other history book volumes upon volumes of information. This may explain why they went to school for 40 years back in Kemet....

"African History Month"... Who's with me??!?!?!?

Hotep. Stay Kemetic.

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